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Presentation Detail Page


  • Media

    ¾” Wood Panel

  • Frame


  • Depth

    2” Deep

  • Max Size

    96” x 48”

  • Hanging System

    Hangman Cleat or Picture Perfect

  • Weight

    25 lb based on 40” x 40” size


  • Wood grain

    Wood grain can be visible or obscured by applying a primer

  • Finish

    Glossy, Semi-gloss or Matte


  • The surface can be flooded white to hide the wood grain
  • Or a transparent coat can be used to allow the wood grain to show through the image
  • 2” deep exposed maple sides add a natural accent that looks remarkable from any angle
  • This presentation lends itself to desaturated or monochromatic works that pair well with pale maple sides
  • Exposed natural wood grain complements nature-based imagery or create tension with colorful prefabricated colors
  • Handmade in Austin, TX
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